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Immersive Professional Coach training that prepares you for the role of Agile Coach

Coaching in Agile Organizations - Become an
ICF PCC Certified Agile Coach

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ACTP 72 hour Coaching in Agile Organizations (PCC) 3.400 €

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Online Professional Coaching Program

Weekly 3-hour sessions leading to ICF certification

ICF Credential

This ICF accredited professional coach training course covers the fundamentals of Solution Focused Coaching and teaches you the ICF core competencies needed to apply for the ACC or PCC ICF credential. Combined with 7 group mentoring hours, 3 private mentoring hours and the 6 hours home study, this class will allow you to apply for the ICF ACC credential through the ACSTH track.


This program is an intense journey towards coaching mastery in which you will interact with people from all over the globe.This class is a highly practical, interactive and live online course in which you will interact with people from all over the world. With this class you will also work with your peers in a group mentoring cohort in which you will dive deeper into the different subjects you have learned throughout the week!

Practical Knowledge

With the Agile Company’s Professional Coaching classes, you will start coaching immediately! Right from day one we will give you the tools to move towards having coaching conversations with the people you have available to you. Also, as we are The Agile Company, you get the benefit of joining a large community of Agile Coaches you can coach, co train or just take advise from. Your learning never stops!

Meet our speakers

Passionate professionals mentor, coach and train you into becoming the best version you can imagine for yourself!

About The Online Agile Coach Certification

What makes this Coach Course different

This course builds on Solution Focused Coaching Fundamentals Course but can also be taken after having attended any other 60-hour ICF accredited coach training that you have attended elsewhere We dive deeply into the professional applications of Solution Focused Coaching and apply it to the Organization as a whole. Highly practical, you will work on your contract creation, your Coach Competencies, learn how to coach teams and leadership and will be able to create effective coaching sessions for conflict mediation.Provided you have already attended a 60-hour ICF coaching training (For example the Coach fundamentals class we provide here) you can after this class apply for the PCC credential!

Fully accredited for certification by...

The International Coaching Federation for either ACC and PCC: Quality training guaranteed and the International Alliance of Solution Focused Teaching institutes: a solid coaching approach

An extensive program...

which you can easily integrate into your work life, only two hours per week training engaging, interactive and online: comfortable, virtual participation from anywhere in the world designed for a diverse global audience (work with coaches and trainees from all over the globe) Right from day one we will give you the tools to move towards having coaching conversations with the people you have available to you. Also, as we are The Agile Company, you get the benefit of joining a large community of Agile Coaches you can coach, co train or just take advise from. Your learning never stops!

Created by Solutions Academy..

and brought to you by The agile Company, this program concentrates on a highly transferable, easy to learn and respectful coaching approach: Solution Focus Guaranteed quality and with internationally recognized certificates (ICF and IASTI)

Design and explain the coaching contract with your team and stakeholders

 Coaching and mentoring teams and stakeholders

through different types of change.

Acquire effective skills

to foster collaboration and trust within the team

International Coaching Federation

Course Program Coaching in Organizations

We start by exploring coaching as a profession, after which we will learn the Solutions Focused framework and apply it to the 8 ICF Core competencies we need to embody as a Coach. Finally, we will prepare you for your exam and make sure you have all the skills and competencies needed to make it in the world of Professional Coaching.

Back to Basics

  • About coaching and Solutions Focus
  • The ICF Core competencies
  • Coaching practice
  • Mentor groups & hours to log

Leadership Coaching

  • Images and metaphors for organizations and leadership
  • Solution Focused Thinking around Organizational Development 
  • Leadership and Change
  • Ethics: Which kind of leadership would you like to support?
  • Contracting and Coaching Agreements for leadership coaching
  • Leadership coaching with “mandated” goals
  • Coaching vs. consulting,
  • leadership training, mentoring
  • Using personality profiles
  • Leadership coaching when “someone else needs to change”
  • Images and stories of the client as “a leader”
  • When self-image and reality collide
  • Sandwich and authentic leadership
  • Coaching leaders in complex situations
  • Politics, Strategy & Succession planning
  • Organizational Change
  • Solution Focused Organizational Development and Change
  • Process Large Group Facilitation
    Large Group Facilitation

Team Coaching​

  • Scaling your knowledge of team Coaching
  • Individual Coaching / Team Coaching
  • A basic structure for team coaching
  • Agreements with groups / teams
  • Creating trust and intimacy Coaching
  • Agreement –
    Practicing individual interviews
  • Practicing contract negotiations
  • Facilitating Coaching Agreements with teams & groups
  • Facilitating a rich description of the desired future
  • Facilitating a look at the successful past with teams
  • Facilitating learning, progress, results with teams
  • Facilitating decision making in teams
  • Facilitating process overview in teams
  • Formation of a new team
  • Restructuring New business area

Conflict Coaching

  • Associations on conflict Scenarios
  • Specifics of conflict coaching
  • Review useful models and moves for conflict coaching
    Conflict Coaching Process
  • Co-Creating the Relationship
  • Hardship and strong emotions
  • Acting as the advocate of collaboration: separating the person from the problem
  • Externalizing the problem
  • Cultivating hope
  • Establishing a common project
  • Developing the solution
  • Facilitates Learning and Growth through experiments
  • Difficult situations
  • Heated discussions
  • Accusations
  • Aggression Contempt Cynicism Furthering
  • Thinking Circles
  • Definitional Ceremonies
  • Bullying
  • Shared Responsibility Approach
  • The Solution Focused Practitioner Certificate
  • 29 x 2-hour live training sessions with your group
  • 7 hours of peer mentoring sessions
  • Self study components to deepend your learning
  • Lecture, exercises and live discussions in an interactive environment
  • Innovative and active learning methods
  • The Professional Coach’s tool box to get you started

This class is taught online using Zoom as our online meeting place where we will discuss, present and practice coaching competencies.

We meet 29 times over 7 months. During our 2-hour online live conference we work towards our goal which is accompanying you to becoming a professional coach and receiving the ICF PCC credential.

To ensure high quality training for our students, we decided to limit our online Coaching Fundamentals classes to only 12 participants per cohort.

This course is perfect for

Agile Coaches, of course, but this class is open to Anyone who wishes to become a professional coach; Consultants, leaders, HR-professionals, Scrum masters, managers and people looking for a career change.

The Coaching Fundamentals with Solutions Focus cohort will focus mostly on the Coaching stance. We are Agile Coaches, but most of all, we are professional coaches, and this class focusses on that aspect.

This course is open to anyone who wishes to become an ICF certified Professional Coach (PCC)

Attendance in the Coaching Fundamentals course sessions (+ the Fundamentals course or any other 60-hour class)
Active participation in 7 Group Mentoring sessions
6 hours of self-study reading articles, watching coaching videos etc. on our online learning platform
A minimum of 500 hours  of logged coaching experience with at least eight clients following the start of your coach-specific training. At least 25 of these hours must occur within the 24 months prior to submitting the application for the credential.
Performance evaluation (audio recording and written transcript of a coach session to be uploaded with your application).
Completion of the Coach Knowledge Assessment (CKA).
 We also host regular mentoring sessions in which you can practice recording Coaching sessions for your evaluation.


Language : English
Duration : 6 months
Times: Find your timezone in the events
Certification : YES, with conditions
Level : Professional
Path: Either ASCTH or ACTP



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