Online Expert Agile Coach Program​

A 6-month mentoring & training track to Agile Coaching Mastery

Limited seats per cohort 

online Agile certification
Expert Agile Coach program
35 CCE units
ICP-ATF The Agile Company

Reaching Agile Coaching Mastery Expert Agile Coach Certification Cohort coming up May 2021!

Take your agile coach career to the next level by taking a deep dive into your role
as professional coach, mentor, Facilitator and teacher for your teams.

May 2021
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€5500 / $6665

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€4000 / $4669

6-month training & mentoring program to real Agile Coaching Mastery & ICP-ACC, ICP-ATF & ICE-AC Certification

ICAgile Expert in Agile Coaching

What you'll get with our ICE-AC program

This 6-month intense mentoring program will take you on a journey to mastery of Agile Coaching. The Agile Company has build the Cohort program to help Agile Coaches that want to achieve mastery level in their field.

  • The Agile Coaching Certification Course & Certificate ICP-ACC
  • The Agile Team Facilitation Course & Certificate ICP-ATF
  • A 65-hour professional Coach training for Agilists (35 CCEUs)
  • 35-hours of professional Team Coaching, team mentoring & team facilitation training
  • 10-hour training & mentoring program focused on building trainer skills for Agile Coaches
  • Unlimited contact hours with your program leads
  • Unlimited Coaching hours with your program leads



Develop real coaching competencies that will make your interventions with your team more impactful. We use the Coaching Arc throughout the training and clarify Solution Focused team coaching practices, integral theory & systems coaching within the same framework.

  • The Arc of the coaching conversation
  • Contracting with single and multiple stakeholders
  • Solutions Focused Coaching for Agile
  • Co-active Coaching techniques
  • Systems coaching
  • Professional Coaching Competency Framework (ICF)
  • Leadership Coaching

    Being an impactful trainer is something you can learn and shape. In this module we teach you the principles of designing, preparing, teaching and improving your sessions in front of real live audiencesr

    • Training From the Back of the Room 
    • Preparation, Scripting, Building experiential learning journeys
    • Learning and Development 
    • Practice with “live” audiences
    • Practice with peers
    • The Coach as a Trainer (your presence, observation and reach in the room)
    • Presenting Skills, vocal coaching and learning to deal with the “uncomfortable”
    • Improv Teaching techniques for Agile Frameworks

    Full focus on you as a professional Team coach, improving your effectiveness in team development and capability building.

  • The difference between Facilitation and Team coaching and how to choose the right stance
  • Team Coaching contracting and preparation phases
  • Coaching in times of Conflict
  • Team Coaching conversation Arc
  • Team Development techniques and framework
  • Powerful Questions in Facilitation
  • Facilitation outside the Agile Events
  •  Facilitation games & activities (Liberating structures, Gamification, Improv games)

    From the entry conversation to reaching your evaluation session, we are with you all the way! Unlimited contact moments, at least 2 coaching hours with your ICF trained coach, 3 mentor sessions to help you prepare your evaluation’s deliverable

    • Unlimited Professional Coaching sessions, on any topic of your choice
    • Unlimited Private mentor sessions with your program lead, to help you prepare for the evaluation
    • Unlimited contact moments, whenever you need us


    Although the program has a fixed structure accompanying you towards reaching the ICE-AC and beyond, you and your group have a say in the program of our cohort. There is a lot of room for your own requests and input during the sessions. Your program leads will work closely with your group to define and fine tune the program as needed to allow the entire group to grow and learn together.  Most importantly is having the time and space to apply what you learn in between the sessions with the teams you work with. 


    • The ICP-ACC certification course
    • The ICP-ATF certification course
    • Weekly live meeting sessions with the Program leads
    • Intense peer learning, building and finishing your learning Backlog
    • unlimited Mentoring sessions with your program leads to prepare the materials you need to deliver for the ICE-AC Evaluation
    • unlimited Professional Coaching hours
    • Solution Focused Team Coaching Skills
    • Notebook and training material
    • Innovative and active learning methods taken from “Teaching From the Back of the Room” & “Liberating Structures”
    • The Agile Coach’s tool box 

    We work together over the period of minimum 6 maximum 9 months depending on what you need. In the first two months we will be meeting every week and work on Agile Team Coach skills, to allow you to fully appreciate and integrate Agile Coaching practice in your daily work. After this, we meet every two weeks and work on different topics that we have prepared for you, but also topics and challenges that you may want to bring to the group

    To ensure high quality training for our students, we decided to limit our program to 12 seats per cohort

    This course is perfect for

    Scrum Masters, Agile coaches, Lean experts, team coach, project managers, managers working in an agile environment.

    This program is for experienced Agile Coaches wo wish to reach Expert Agile Coach level and ICE-AC certification. 

    At the end of our program, and when you are ready, we will schedule the ICE AC evaluation with the team of evaluators. During this 2 to 3 hour assessment you will have to demonstrate mastery in each of the Agile Coach roles and stances, and show you are a true Expert in Agile Coaching!

    Online Expert Agile Coach

    Course Objectives

    • Work towards obtaining the ICP-ACC, the ICP-ATF certificate and obtain the nessecary hours to ontain your ICF professional coaching certificate!
    • Reach the Expert Agile Coach level within the year
    • Become an expert level facilitator, mindful and coach mentor, effective and skilled trainer and a valued development partner for your team
    • Understand and apply the highly effective Solution Focused framework in all the different stances and competencies of the Expert Agile Coach
    • Succeed the ICE AC Evaluation

    Meet our trainers

    Meet the Team of trainers that all bring in their passion, their diverse Agile experience and specific technical knowledge to your class!

    All our trainers are professional ICF coaches, and authorized ICAgile Facilitators. You will also find certified “Training from the Back of The Room” and management 3.0 trainers, Scrum and Kanban specialists and PROSCI certified Enterprise Agility trainers! We believe our team work and multi cultural and multi-lingual diversity is what makes us the best partner for your learning journey!

    About The Online Agile Coach Expert program

    Welcome to the ICE AC Mentoring program

    Are you ready to go on a journey towards real Agile Coaching mastery, both when dealing with a team member and working with an entire team at once?

    This cohort will exceed all your expectations, there simply isn’t one like it out there! The Expert Agile Coach needs to be able to demonstrate true coaching skills and needs to stay present in that coaching role while giving advice, teaching a topic, and facilitating events and difficult conversations. To make sure our program stands out from the rest, we offer an extensive Professional Team Coaching program which we couple with the Solution Focused knowledge and framework, to equip you with real tools, real experience and real mentoring on your progression. We are in it for your progress!

    The most comprehensive Agile Coaching training

    There aren’t many programs out there that prepare you for the Agile Coaching Mastery, and our program is the most extensive and complete you will ever find. Team Coach Competencies, Professional Solution Focused coaching, Mentoring and expert facilitation programs…

    Not just a certificate

    This cohort is not built to just help you achieve the Expert Agile Coach certification: This cohort is built to mentor you toward Agile Coaching Mastery, the ICE AC certificate is the crowning that follows your and our hard work!

    Solutions Focused Mindset

    After this 6-month mentoring program you will be able to call yourself a Solution Focused Coach and use the powerful tools and deep-rooted solution mindset that comes with this framework in each of the stances and competencies of Agile Coaching!

    Design and explain the coaching contract with your team and stakeholders

     Coaching and mentoring teams and stakeholders

    through different types of change.

    Acquire effective skills

    to foster collaboration and trust within the team

    During the 6 months that we work towards your mastery in Agile Coaching, you will work closely with a peer group in between sessions to deepen your learning about the Team Coaching competencies, practice actively and prepare for the deliverables you need to create for the evaluation. Your peer group will also function as another mentor point in which you can give and receive feedback, together you’ll learn from each other’s experience and challenges. We don’t see the certification as a goal, it is your growth and achieving mastery that we seek to facilitate!

    When going through the ICE AC evaluation you will be asked to demonstrate mastery in ALL the competencies and skills of an Agile Coach; Coaching, Mentoring, Teaching and Facilitating meetings and events, but also demonstrate flexibility in choosing the different stances and knowing how and when to adapt the chosen event or stance to best serve the team. An Agile coach can have years of experience and still fail the ICE AC evaluation! We saw an opportunity to help Agile Coaches become fluent in coaching, and helping them integrate the easy to understand and adapt Solution Focused Coach mindset in your work as a mentor, facilitator, a trainer and of course as a professional Team Coach.

    How does it work:

    This program is the most extensive you will find; meeting up for two hours every week, to fully focus on understanding and integrating the Solution Focused Agile Team Coach mindset in each of the stances, but also focus on online facilitation, how to build the most engaging workshops, how to help your team create a culture of coaching… As the cohort will grow and change as we go, anything is possible! And lots of room  to practice, deepen our learning and you can count on your mentors to help you in your journey toward achieving the Expert level in Agile Coaching.

    You will also work in a peer group with whom you will prepare several assignments that will enhance your understanding of the high-quality level ICAgile demands from the deliverables needed to show mastery in preparing your events, training sessions and to peer practice to prepare several “live” facilitated Agile events and training sessions.

    Our trainers and cohort leaders propose at least 2 coaching sessions and 3 mentoring sessions in which you can work on the different materials you need to be able to deliver for your ICE-AC evaluation.



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    Drop us a line and we’ll call you back as soon as possible to arrange a meeting with you and your teams. This meeting is of course free of charge! Inviting The Agile Company to meet with your teams is usually the first step into getting objective and honest feedback and may serve as an eyeopener to your organisations cultural dynamics.”