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The Coaches and Consultants working with The Agile Company are experts in the field of Agile, Scrum, Kanban, SAFe and other frameworks. They will serve your organization for short and long term projects and support you towards sustainable change throughout the organization, or just help you kick off a new team project.


Short Term Interventions

Coaching, Facilitation, Mentoring or Training can cover a large range of topics and needs. We create Design Thinking Workshops, Facilitate Strategy meetings, help set up your SAFe ART, conduct Culture Audits and coach your staff. Our mission is to support you towards autonomy, so the intervention will take as long as you need.


à la Carte Coaching Services

All our coaches are experts in their field and Certified by ICAgile and The International Coaching Federation. Coaching leadership, teams and management in their new roles or growth towards embracing cahnge, but we also coach entire teams for short term or longer term objectives.

Facilitation of practices and decisions, Team start up, Agile Transformation Road map, Leadership coaching, Tailor-made training courses, certification tracks…

Long term Support or micro-services?

Find your Support for Change

Expert Support

Building Excellence in the Workplace

Start trusting seasoned experts in Agile and knowledge transfer. All our Expert consultants and coaches bring a wealth of experience in agile frameworks, team coaching and Enterprise Agile transformation management, all with different perspectives from various industry sectors. These professionals are not just trainers or consultants;  they are experienced agile practitioners who have successfully implemented agile practices in teams and organizations worldwide. They bring a blend of practical knowledge, strategic insight, and a passion for agile to their Agile Project Management approach.


Our commitment: guiding Partners through challenges to achieve spectacular results

We are dedicated to empowering our partners to successfully navigate through challenges and achieve remarkable outcomes. Our commitment is unwavering in guiding you towards exceptional success we’re dedicated to empowering our partners to navigate challenges and achieve spectacular results.

Our expert team collaborates closely with each partner, leveraging agile methodologies to tailor solutions that address unique needs. We focus on practical, results-driven strategies, fostering innovation, efficiency, and continuous improvement. Our goal is to transform challenges into opportunities, leading our partners to exceptional success and sustainable growth

Values we live by


Client Partner Centric

Everything we bring to you and your teams is built specifically for you and your teams. All our workshops and services are bespoke. This means we work with you, not just for you! As a true partner to your change project, we make sure all our initiatives serve your business goals.


Team work Works

Although you may be working closely with one or two coaches, they will be working with our entire team to bring the best coaching solution and tailor-made services to your challenge, all while respecting your organizations confidentiality, because that also, is a big one!


Agile Values Always

Agile is not a framework or methodology, we live the values of Agile in everything we do; we seek out regular feedback, close collaboration and effective communication. Delivering results for your organization and teams as we focus on excellence both ways!

Meet our Agile Experts

Passionate about Agile, we work together as a team to deliver meaningful change for our clients. We make it our mission to inspire change with our enthusiasm and knowledge of Coaching, Agile Teams and Organizational Agility.

Agile Team Coaching

From helping you set up a new team to celebrating its successes while off-boarding; The Experts at The Agile Company are here to help you best prepare every step. training the team, supporting it in its maturity towards High performance and coaching and mentoring there where adjusting is needed. Our main goal is to support your teams to becoming self-organizing and autonomous, so you can focus on leading the entire service and organization towards success.

Business Agility Transformation

Work with our change experts and business agility coaches who will help you develop and kick off a clear and comprehensive road map for change, develop a systemic centered change strategy and work with you and your teams to iteratively implement the changes that will lead to sustainable transformation.

Leadership Development

If organizations want change to be sustainable and used to transform the culture of the organization, leadership and leadership development are the first discussions we would offer you. Tailoring our development programs to your industry and cultural and contextual needs is not an issue and we welcome the learning that such program bring us in exchange. Our leadership Development programs can be practical, such as Agile Leadership courses and individual in the form of coaching and mentoring. they can be transformational in the form of group coaching or facilitation. 

THe Agile Leadership Development Circle
Client Testimonials
Having worked with Diane for more than two years gave me the possibility of seeing how a team can go through an agile transformation. The team I work with went from no agile, to full scrum implementation, showing the benefits of good execution combined with great team relationship!

Diane’s pro-activeness, experience in the agile field and always willing to help, definitely played a key role for the transformation to happen! We were very lucky to have Diane as a key player of our agile transformation for this to happen smoothly and following the state of the art practices.
Simon Seitune Macadar
Activation Product Manager
An excellent mix of a passion for agility and knowledge in the subject is how I can summarize my training time with Drew Taylor during the past month.

I consider Drew an excellent trainer with a bright future in front of him. As an Agile Coach myself, with more than ten years of working experience, I recommend the courses where Drew is Trainer and agility is the center. These courses are helpful for new Agile Coaches, Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Managers, and practically anyone who wants to work in an agile environment
Edgardo Bermudez
Lean/Agile Expert & Coach
I had the privilege of working and learning from Tadej and The Agile Company. Over the years I have worked with countless coaching professionals in the innovation sector learning how to bring the most out of self-organised teams in complex organisations, and of many sizes. Most of whom, to their credit are highly skilled and deeply experienced in their trades.

Tadej, though, brought a different energy. He is extremely modest and incorruptibly professional in his approach. That is extremely rare. As such, I would highly recommend Tadej to the highest performing teams having to endure the most complex challenges in achieving short, medium and long term commercial objectives and strategic goals, and then some.
Marc Elias The Agile Company
Marc Elias
Head of Customer, Growth & Project Success
I have worked with Ricardo in multiple situations: As a people manager, as a workshop co-facilitator, as a training co-facilitator, as a co-organizer, as a participant in his workshops and games, and as a person who was challenging his beliefs!

Ricardo is a good listener, with tremendous energy which gives him an advantage to connect with the people/teams very quickly. He is a curious person who is continuously learning and putting into practice some of those learning skills. If you want to increase the connections within your organization, just invite Ricardo, and you will see the difference in a couple of months. Ricardo, keep pushing and spread your energy to improve our world!
Client for Ricardo The Agile Company
Pedro Almeida
Agile Coach
Diane is a organization machine, she can take any project, and make sense of it, she also knows how to guide people to the right path, during the time that we worked together I changed my career path from something more technical to PO and she was key in this transition, she was able to guide me and coach me not only on the most technical aspects of how to run a team and a product, but also in the non technical aspects related to people and communication.
Victor Hugo Marques
Product Owner - Customer Acquisition
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