Professional Agile Coach training programs accredited by the ICF

3 ICF Coaching programs to become an ICF agile coach

Advanced Agile Team Coaching Mastery - Expert Level​ - ICF AATC

Fully accredited training for certification by the International Coach Federation

Get ready for ACC or PCC ICF credentials. Choose one from our ICF coaching programs: Agile Team Coach, Agile Organization Coach and Coach Competencies for Agilists.

Level 1

Professional Coach Training for Agilists
2999 Agile Team Coach
  • Duration : 4 months
  • 77 hours coach training
  • Module 1 - Coaching Agile Teams
  • Module 2 - Facilitate growth in Agile Teams
  • Module 3 - Coach Competencies For Agilists
  • ICF Level 1 Evaluation
  • Language : English

Level 2

Coaching in Agile Organizations​
5199 Agile Organization Coach
  • Duration : 8 months
  • 135 hours coach training
  • Module 1 - Coaching Agile Teams
  • Module 2 - Facilitate growth in Agile Teams
  • Module 3 - Coach Competencies For Agilists
  • Module 4 - Systemic Coaching for Agile
  • Module 5 - Coaching the Agile Organization
  • ICF Level 2 Evaluation
  • Language : English

Expert ACTC

Advanced Certification Team Coaching
3499 Advanced Agile Team Coaching
  • Duration : 6 months
  • 72 hours coach training
  • Prerequisites ICF: Holds an ACC, PCC or MCC credential
  • 24 live cohort calls
  • Interactive environment
  • Notebook and training material​
  • Full dedicated to Agile Coaching
  • Full Mentoring program & Evaluations
  • Expert Coach training for Agilists
  • AACT Certification included for ACTC certification with the ICF
  • Language : English

ICF Coach Competencies

Part of both of Level 1 & Level 2 cohorts
1759 Coach Competencies for Agilists
  • Duration : 2 months
  • 20 hours Coach training
  • 6 hours asynchrone
  • 7+ hours Group Mentoring
  • 3 Individual Mentoring sessions
  • Interactive environment
  • Innovative learning methods
  • Notebook and training material
  • Coach Competencies For Agilists
  • Language : English

Online Professional ICF Coaching Program

What to expect

ICF Credential

This ICF accredited professional coach training course covers the fundamentals of Solution Focused Coaching and teaches you the ICF core competencies needed to apply for the ACC or PCC ICF credential. Combined with 7 group mentoring hours, 3 private mentoring hours and the 6 hours home study, this class will allow you to apply for the ICF ACC credential through the ACSTH track.


This class is a highly practical, interactive and live online course in which you will interact with people from all over the world. With this class you will also work with your peers in a group mentoring cohort in which you will dive deeper into the different subjects you have learned throughout the week!

Practical Knowledge

With the Agile Company’s Professional Coaching classes, you will start coaching immediately! Right from day one we will give you the tools to move towards having coaching conversations with the people you have available to you. Also, as we are The Agile Company, you get the benefit of joining a large community of Agile Coaches you can coach, co train or just take advise from. Your learning never stops!

About The Online Professional Coach Training for Agilists Course

What makes this Coach Course different

Forward Focused Conversations help the client move from the “issue” they want to work with to “awareness and learning” on how they can move forward from their learning in the entireness of their (professional) life.

The Arc of the Forward Focused Conversation is designed to give coaches a structure they can use during the conversation with their clients, leaving enough room for flexibility and experimentation, but also providing focus to the movement of forwarding the client in their own learning.

Fully accredited for certification by...

The International Coaching Federation: Quality training guaranteed

An extensive program...

which you can easily integrate into your work life, only two hours per week training Engaging, interactive and online: comfortable, virtual participation from anywhere in the world Designed for a diverse global audience (work with coaches and trainees from all over the globe)

Created by The Agile Company...

based on the principles of Solutions Focused Brief coaching, non-violent communication, appreciative inquiry, the GROW model and Systemic coaching techniques, this program concentrates on a highly transferable, easy to learn and respectful coaching approach: Forward Focused Conversations.

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