Our team of Agility Experts

Passionate about Agile, we work together as a team to deliver meaningful change for our clients

Linzi Parry

Agile Change & Transformation Consultant Linzi’s been delivering transformative change and setting up an environments and cultures for change to succeed for 20+ years. Building change capability and belief within an organisation are often key measures of her success. Linzi’s passionate about keeping up with the latest thought leadership around change, transformation and organisational agility and sees this specialism as both fascinating and fast becoming a core capability at the heart of innovative and competitive organisations.

Tadej Acetto

Agile Coach Tadej’s passion is finding better ways of working and learning together, solving complex challenges, inspiring teams and individuals to go after what fulfills them. Tadej is a servant-leader, a teacher, mentor, facilitator, and a coach. Drawing from over 20 years of experience working with collocated, distributed, remote teams, from small startups, scaleups, and industry-leading enterprises across Europe, Tadej helps teams and individuals achieve a deeper understanding of what is blocking them on their way to stardom so they can transform those obstacles into opportunities.

Adelina Noriega

Sr. Project Manager & SAFe Consultant Adelina has over 20 years of experience as Project-Program Manager, Scrum Master, and IT developer and has found a real passion in motivating and guiding teams towards excellence in Agile. Adelina has made it her mission to help teams improve their engineering and delivery processes, to better serve the Customer and the company they work in. Today Adelina uses her expertise and passion for teaching to guide you toward the ICP-ACC certification by facilitating this highly recommended ICAgile Class in Spanish.

Fabien Zupanek

Agile Coach & Transformations With over 20 years creativity management, technological entrepreneurship, operational strategy consulting and supporting business transformations experience, Fabien uses his knowledge of Agile Coaching and Change Management to help companies in France transition towards an Agile “Teal” organization. Fabien pragmatically accompanies transformations by leveraging the organizational and human potential. Working with organizations of all sizes, from start-ups to large groups, he guides teams and individuals in the adoption of agile practices adapted to the context and needs of their organization.

Jean-Christophe Lauffer

Agile Coach & ICAgile Instructor Jean-Christophe is a seasoned Agile Coach, with several years of experience coaching small, medium and large companies in France and Quebec. He’s a chameleon, using his knowledge of many different Agile approaches to allow teams to improve and grow. Today, he’s offering to share his passion and knowledge in highly interactive trainings where attendants will be able to apply what they discovered day one!

Fabienne Perrin

Skills Development Engineer & Agile Coach As a skills development engineer, Fabienne has been training, advising and supporting individual and collective change for over 10 years. Thanks to her 360° expertise in next-generation training theory and practice, she develops individualized and cross-disciplinary educational systems based on experiential learning. Passionate about personal and professional development, Fabienne has a variety of levers at her disposal to unleash talents and human potential to move towards greater efficiency but also to promote well-being and quality of life at work.

Ricardo Fernandes

Agile Coach & ICAgile Instructor Ricardo is a dedicated and professional Agile Coach who is focused on delivering value for his teams. Creative and engaging, Ricardo will turn any training or event into an deep learning experience and will ensure his teams and students leave with a whole new set of skills each time he finishes a class. Ricardo continuously searches for the right solution and knows how to motivate teams and coach the entire ecosystem around a product. Flexible and understanding, Ricardo leverages talent without imposing ideas. Ricardo is well-recognized for his extraordinary facilitation skills.

Natascha Speets

Agile Coach & ICAgile Instructor Natascha trains the coaches at The Agile Company to be a driving behind the Transformation initiatives we support. She develops course content, host meet-ups, Coaching Labs and build webinars to make sure the Agile Coaches trained by The Agile Company stay on their toes, even after the Agile Coach Certification program. Truly passionate about Agile with a deep knowledge of modern training techniques, she adapts her coaching stance to individual needs, with competency, enthusiasm and authentic interest.