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ICP-LEA The Agile Company Agile Leadership

“You learn so many important skills and ways of thinking that are so value both in worklife and daily life. The trainer was really good. He is excellent at facilitating, asking good questions and nonetheless recapping what people have said in a way that makes everyone understand.”
Johanne Fredslund Dølvik

Build resilience and competency in all areas of Agile Leadership

Pay in 1, 2 or 3 installments


Leading with agility Certification
  • 14 hours live online training
  • Interactive environment
  • Innovative learning methods
  • Notebook and training material
  • ICAgile ICP-LEA Certificate
  • Language : English


Leading with agility Certification
$ 799
  • 14 hours live online training
  • Interactive environment
  • Innovative learning methods
  • Notebook and training material
  • ICAgile ICP-LEA Certificate
  • Language : English

ICAgile Roadmap

Course Program ICP - LEA

Agile leadership Course online or on site

New Organizational and Leadership Capabilities We Need Today

  • Organizational Agility Capability
  • VUCA vs BANI – A new paradigm
  • Design Thinking & Lean
  • Why Agililty in Leadership is Needed – behavioral shifts and impediments
  • The Leadership Agility Orientation Compass

Developing personal Agility

  • Situational and Self-Awareness & Self-Management
  • Learn to Stop and Listen
  • Growth mindset & Purpose

Systems Intelligence & Key conversations

  • Systems Awareness and Systems Thinking
  • Adaptive action and system levers
  • Emotional Intelligence in relationships
  • Learn to say yes a little slower
  • Forward Focused Conversations
  • Triple loop learning

Professional Behaviors that Increase Agility

    • Understanding Power & Influence
    • Leadership styles
    • Adaptive conversations
    • Mindfulness
    • Storytelling & Communication

Leading Others

  • Self-assessing & what teams need to become Agile
  • leveraging Agile Values in leadership
  • Understanding mental models to improve relationships and influence
  • Designing the Environment for Agile to thrive
  • Communicating with intent
  • Self-organization & delegation

Leading Change and Organizational Transformation

  • The Nature of Organizational Transformation
  • Why Transformation is needed for Agility
  • Leading from the Future and the Larger Context (Foresight vs forecast)
  • Leading vs. Managing Change
  • Leader as Agent of Transformation

Online Leading with Agility Certification Course

Course Objectives

Ability to adapt to the changing environment you find yourself in today for yourself, as a leader for Agile teams, as an enabler for change and as an agent for Agile transformation. 

  • Creating awareness of how your leadership impacts you, others and the entire system you work with
  • Identifying development areas in your own growth toward Leadership Agility and creating an Action plan forward 
  • Ability to adapt your leadership style direction by consciously choosing the mindset, skillset and tools needed based on the situational context guided by the Agile Leadership Orientation Compass 
  • Develop a mindset, build a new skillset and walk away with a filled toolbox that helps you lead Agile teams and organizations thrive through your interactions with them. 
  • Receive the ICP- LEA certification delivered by ICAgile
  • Develop knowledge related to Agile principles and methods
  • The ICAgile ICP – LEA Certificate
  • 14-hour live online training sessions with your group
  • Lecture, exercises and live discussions in an interactive environment
  • Notebook and training material
  • Innovative and active learning methods
  • The Agile Leader’s tool box to get you started

This class is taught online using Zoom as our online meeting place where we will discuss, present and experiment with the different stances and roles of an Agile Leader. The Online course delivers the exact same content and at the end you receive the same certificate.

14 hours of learning, discussing, networking, and challenging yourself to be a better leader for AGile teams and transformations

To ensure high quality training for our students, we decided to limit our online Coaching Fundamentals classes to only 15 participants per cohort.

This course is perfect for

Anyone who caries the mission of leading. Leading is sometimes your title, sometimes it is what you. We want you to feel free to join as soon as you feel that your potential in leadership is transforming towards Agile leadership.


NOne, come join the ICP-LEA course whenever you are ready to start leading your organization and teams towards Agility

In order to follow this online course in good conditions, you must also :

  • Have a good internet connection.
  • Have a computer.
  • Have headphones or speakers.
  • Be familiar with computers and the use of the Internet
  • Know the values and principles of the Agile method, and be able to explain at least one of the Agile methods such as Scrum or Kanban, etc…

You will receive your certificate at the end of our course.

Access to all our training courses is immediate once the registration is validated.

For public training courses open to all, you can register as long as the date of the training is posted in the agenda. You can reserve your training by buying your ticket on the site directly, or send us a message by email.

  • Hosting of trainees in a dedicated online training conference room (zoom)
  • Access to The Agile Company community
  • Access to the private group of the cohort
  • Toolbox
  • Work on «board Miro»
  • Exercises and work in sub-groups
  • Interactive and participative teaching method
  • Projected training support documents
  • On-line availability of support documents following the training
  • Training workbook
  • Online attendance sheets
  • Oral questions
  • Group role plays
  • Pre- and post-training assessment forms
  • Certificate of completion of the training action

Every effort is made to make our courses accessible. In order to establish the necessary adaptation arrangements, trainees with disabilities are invited to contact us at contact@theagilecompany.org.
Agefiph is one of our resource partners (https://www.agefiph.fr)


Language : English
Duration : Depends on the event
Times: Find your timezone in the events
Certification : YES: ICP-LEA
Level : Professional

Meet our Trainers

Passionate about Agile, we work together as a team to deliver meaningful change for our clients. We make it our mission to inspire change with our enthusiasm and knowledge of Coaching, Agile Teams and Organizational Agility.

Online ICP-LEA Course Program

What to expect


The Online leading with Agility program is built around the four quadrants of the Leadership Agility Orientation Compass in which we share the mindset, skillset and tools needed to adapt to each situation you encounter in leading with and in agile organizations. You will be able to self-assess your situation and skillfully adapt your stance to fit the need in the moment.

Be Challenged

THis Agile Course is build to help you discover your strengths and growth opportunites, allowing for important shifts in mindset and capaility builidng. We want you to feel confident in your leadership after this course. Confident to tackle issues with self-organizating teams and agile transformations alike.


Practice, discussion and practical use cases are all part of this Agile leadership certification. Tool like design thinking, evidence based management and agile frameworks also have a place in this course to allow you to start off on the right foot!

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