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Certification Coach Agile ICP-ACC
Agile Coach
Certification Coach Agile ICP-ACC
Team Facilitation
Expert Agile Coach program
Expert Coaching
Linzi Parry ICP ENT ICAgile
Agility Enterprise
Coaching Agile Transitions
Agile Transitions

Agile Coach Training

ICAgile ICP-ACC certification

Our online “Agile Coach Certification” (ICP-ACC)   course is a highly interactive 21-hour program that focuses on the mindset, roles and responsibilities of an agile coach.

The course is filled with activities, discussions and exercises to help you gain essential agile coaching skills.   You will practice individual coaching, team coaching and mentoring conversations as soon as you arrive in the online conference room!

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Facilitating Agile Teams

 ICAgile ICP-ATF certification

During this online agile team facilitation certification training, you will work closely with other participants and need to take at least 30 minutes between sessions to study materials or work on projects with your peers.

We have built this course around the stages of facilitating agile ceremonies and events: before, during and after: you will have a broad perspective of your role as facilitator and your responsibilities to ensure that the meeting achieves the defined results and objectives.

Our expert agile trainers

All our Agile coaches are experienced professionals and their individual profiles are all diverse. We are all specialized in one or more areas of the Agile coaching spectrum (organizational coaching, team coaching and technical coaching, Scrum, Kanban SAFe…).

We come together as a team to support you in your your growth, Agile transition, learning and development of your teams and even in individual Agile mentoring sessions. Our coaches are all certified Agile Coaches by the International Consortium for Agile (ICAgile) but have also obtained their Professional Coach certification at The International Coaching Federation (ICF). These two certifications together guarantee the high-quality coaching you would expect from The Agile Company.

Professional Agile Coach training program

Agile Expert Training

Get ICAgile ICE-AC certification

The Agile Company has created this 6-month intense training and mentoring program, to help agile coaches achieve a level of mastery in their field.

Over 150 hours of learning, coaching, facilitation, teaching and practice with your peers and program managers.

International accreditation will allow you to be certified up to ICE AC and PCC (Professional Certified Coach) level. This training allows you to acquire the 8 skills of the coaching profession according to the ICF to professionally exercise corporate coaching, business coaching and team coaching.

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