Everyone should be able Learn

We believe that everyone has the right to learn, and no disability should stand in your way from this!

The Agile Company’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion statement


We study each situation individually so that we can meet the precise needs of our trainees. We work in close collaboration with the trainee and his/her professional and/or private entourage to better understand the specificities of his/her disability.

How we commit to bringing learning to everyone

All our Agile, Agility and Coaching  courses & distance learning (online, distance and e-learning) and on our community platform the are accessible to any disabled person with reduced mobility and adapted to the hearing or visually impaired.

All training material can be adapted to the hearing or visually impaired in class, and are available in audio format, have rich picture descriptions and will be corrected instantly if this is needed.


For face-to-face courses within our premises, we are always booking a training hall that allows for people with limited mobility to enter and move around freely.


How we adapt to each unique individual

  • Adaptations can be individual or collective for a group of people with similar needs. They also concern teaching methods and materials and can make use of information and communication technologies. They are implemented on the basis of information provided by:
  • by the student him/herself in the case of an inter-company training situation
  • by the client’s disability referent in the case of intra-company training situations

The adjustments can be organizational and pedagogical, technical, human and animal
aids are welcome.  Here are some examples of possible accommodations:

  • Facilitating the presence of an assistance dog or guide dog
  • Provision of a dedicated parking space
  • Provision of an interface or an interpreter 
  •  Adaptation of catering conditions

 In order to best respond to the needs, we have set up a questionnaire to be submitted to the learner with a disability or to the client’s disability advisor natascha.speets@theagilecompany.org