Coaching Agile Transformations

Learn how to coach people and organizations towards sustainable agile change

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Coaching Agile Transitions

All the tools an Enterprise Agility Coach needs

May 2024
June 2024
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Coaching Agile Transitions
799 Launch Ticket Price
  • 21 hours of training
  • 6 Live meeting hours
  • 2 Professional Coaching hours
  • Language : English


Coaching Agile Transitions
$ 799 Launch Ticket Price
  • 21 hours of training
  • 6 Live meeting hours
  • 2 Professional Coaching hours
  • Language : English

ICAgile Roadmap

Course Program ICP - CAT

Coaching Agile Transformations


What makes this course different

The Agile Company creates their materials from experience; we have incorporated years of feedback, trying and testing tools and frameworks, and actually doing the work with our clients. The Business Agility Compass is a tool for Agile coaches working with organizations and Enterprises wanting to embark on, or improve their Agile Transformation.  We poor our passion, knowledge and hours of work into the work we do with our clients, and this transpires in engaging, interactive and “awareness facilitating” agile courses. The ICP-CAT Certificate class is no different, We teach you all our secrets, frameworks and strategies and you will have a well-filled toolbox at your disposal for your next Agile Transformation project!

Organization and Human Change Processes
  • Business Case for Change
  • Human change process
  • Organisational change process
  • Bringing an Agile Mindset to Change
Agile Transition and Transformation Change Strategies
  • Organizational Assessments
  • Strategy and Contract for Change
  • Organizational Impediments to Change
  • Communicating at an Organizational Level
Self-Mastery, Professional Development and Ethics
  • Learning Journeys and Professional Development
  • Personal and Professional Mastery
  • Ethical Considerations of Enterprise Agile Coaching
  • Understanding impediments

Leadership Styles and Organizational Culture

  • Enterprise Agile Coaching Skills
  • Leadership Styles and Development
  • Aligning with leadership throughout the organization

Organizational Culture and Alignment

  • Organizational Culture Models
  • Approaches to Culture Assessment
  • Shein, Schneider, and other ways to unravel the culture
Organizational Change
  • Bringing the agile mindset to change
  • Co-creating an organisational change strategy
  • Building networks of change agents
  • Understanding impediments
  • 21 Live meeting hours with your class
  • 2 Professional Coaching hours
  • All the training material, questions answered and hands-on tools you may need when helping an enterprise transition towards Agile
  • Notebook and training material
  • Innovative and active learning methods taken from “Teaching From the Back of the Room” & “Liberating Structures”
  • Your ICP-CAT Certificate

This class can be given in the enterprise or as a public training. This class covers 12 hours of training, either over the period of 6 days, 3 weeks or 3 days. This depends on the format. Refer to the “ALL EVENTS” for more information on classes scheduled near you or online.

To ensure high quality training for our students, we decided to limit our program to 15 seats per cohort

This course is perfect for

Change managers, leaders in Change initiatives, Agile coaches and consultants working on the enterprise level, Lean experts, executive coaches, Change and Agility Culture leads

This program doesn’t have any prerequisites, meaning we welcome anyone, but we do advise you to come with your own experience as coach, consultant or agile trainer. The Agility in the Enterprise class is best served after the ICP-ENT class designed by The Agile Company, as we continue our learning with the same tools, models and insights. Also, having done the ICP-ACC class in which we address the basic roles of the agile coach, skills you will use when we start applying the skills and frameworks in this Coaching Agile Transitions class

At the end of this class you will receive the ICP-CAT certificate. Together with the ICP-ENT certificate you can enter the Expert level cohort


Language : English
Duration : 21 Hours
Certification : ICP-CAT
Level : Intermediate
PDU’s : tbd

Online ICP-CAT Certification Class

What to expect


During 21 highly interactive hours we build a comprehensive and dynamic business case for transformation before delving into models to understand human and organisational change.

Personal Toolbox

The tools and techniques we explore and practice become part of our personal backlog for coaching transformation. We always try to answer the questions around the what and the how of the tool, so you feel equipped to help the enterprise in their agile transformation.


Working from what you bring to class, you learn to coach leadership, facilitate the conversations and awareness in the organisation and learn how to take that coaching stance to the trusted advisor role of the agile coach.

Hear what others have to say

ICF Coach training

Meet our speakers

Passionate about Agile, we work together as a team to deliver meaningful change for our clients. We make it our mission to inspire change with our enthusiasm and knowledge of Organizational Agility.

About The Online Coaching Agile Transitions Certification

Overview of the Agile Course

Organisations embarking on transformations or looking to build on significant changes they’ve made to their business models during 2020 face challenges in getting started and in sustaining their efforts. Agility in an organisation comes from being good at change and the process of change.

Resistance to Change

We prepare for resistance to change, with options to both identify and reduce it at the individual and organisational level, clearing the way to build a blueprint for the road to agility.

Develop Strategies

Working with case studies, we ensure we understand how best to engage with the organisation as a whole, developing strategies to scale up and apply agile principles for communication, coaching, education and facilitation of large groups and multiple teams.

Solution Focus

In addition, we look at how to gather insights to help engage at an organisational level, both guiding and co-creating a transformation approach that is unique to their context and vision. In essence, you take away multiple options to support organisations in their desire for continuous learning and improvement and confidence to apply this capability in a solutions-focused way.

Explore Capabilities

As coaches, we develop our own capability, understanding our strengths and authentically demonstrating personal agility. Taking a positive and agile stance ourselves, we explore the enterprise as a whole and learn how to help develop capability to be agile, i.e being good at change and the process of change.

Understand Change

The course leads us through understanding and coaching leaders to better engage with agility and sponsor the change. Therefore, we cover the practical aspects of systems thinking (to regard the organisation as a whole).

System Thinking

Business process and problem solving (to move towards a lean and efficient backbone on which to build agility); how to recognise, face into and tackle the well-documented challenges of transformation; and how to place people at the heart of what we do by actively shifting the culture and establishing high performing teams and healthy environment that can sustain and build on the change.

Frequently Asked Questions

The only difference is the way the content is delivered, meaning that you can follow the online program from your home or office, instead of being present in a class room. We decided to stretch the program over 4 days, which actually gives you more time to reflect and practice in between sessions.

Yes. The ICP-CAT certificate issued after the program is exactly the same as the one you would receive after an in-class course. The Certificate doesn’t mention if you followed an online or in-class course.

There are no conditional pre-requisites for this Coaching Agile Transitions Certification program. It is however advised to have good working knowledge of at least one Agile framework, and if you have working experience in an agile environment, that would be a plus. But, many people start their journey as a professional Agile coach, or change manager. This course will help you take up your new role as Agile transition Coach.

the ICP-CAT Certification course is a knowledge based certification program. This means that the course is designed to cover all the learning objectives required by ICAgile. We ask you to keep your camera on and have a good working microphone so you can actively participate in the many coaching and mentoring activities, breakout sessions, teach-back moments and presentations. At the end of the classes there will be a series of questions for you to answer, designed to consolidate your knowledge. You have 2 weeks to complete this and return to us. On successful review your certificate will be issued.

Never. The Certificate issued by ICAgile after this certification program has lifetime validity.

Usually within a few days after completion of the end of course questions, ICAgile will send you your certificate.
Before the start of the course you will be sent a range of industry articles and some of the latest research to help set the scene for our class and our learning. We hope these will engage your curiosity on the topics we will cover.

We will send you an invitation to join our Zoom conference room by email. The link will open a window. If you have never used Zoom before, we recommend you open this window a couple of minutes before the session starts so you can download the application if your browser requires this. You can then keep the window open untill your trainer opens the classroom and the session begins.

We offer an extensive follow-up program to all our students including two sessions with a professional coach. You can claim an individual coaching session after your course. These sessions are there to help you get on your feet as an Enterprise Agile Coach.


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“Nothing beats in-person conversations. We love to hear more about you, your company or team and learn how to adapt our services to your specific needs.

Drop us a line and we’ll call you back as soon as possible to arrange a meeting with you and your teams. This meeting is of course free of charge! Inviting The Agile Company to meet with your teams is usually the first step into getting objective and honest feedback and may serve as an eyeopener to your organisations cultural dynamics.”