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The Agile Company Complaint Policy and Process

Grievance Mechanism Procedure

The Agile Company

At The Agile Company, we value the well-being and satisfaction of our employees. We
recognize that grievances may arise from time to time, and we are committed to
addressing and resolving them promptly and fairly. This Grievance Mechanism
Document outlines the procedure to be followed by employees to raise and resolve
their grievances within the company.


This document applies to all employees of The Agile Company, regardless of their position,
department, or employment type.

Definition of Grievance

A grievance refers to any concern, complaint, or dissatisfaction an employee may have
regarding their employment, working conditions, terms of employment, treatment by
colleagues or supervisors, company policies, or any other relevant issue.


▪ Confidentiality: All information shared during the grievance process will be
treated with the utmost confidentiality, except where disclosure is necessary to
address the grievance effectively or required by law.

▪ Impartiality: The grievance process will be conducted in an impartial and
unbiased manner, ensuring fair treatment for all parties involved.

▪ Non-Retaliation: No employee will face any form of retaliation for raising a
genuine grievance in good faith.

Informal Resolution

Employees are encouraged to resolve their grievances informally whenever possible. In this
stage, employees should take the following steps:

▪ Speak with the Concerned Party: The employee should first discuss their
grievance directly with the individual(s) involved, such as a supervisor,
colleague, or any other appropriate person.

▪ Seek Mediation: If speaking directly to the concerned party does not lead to a
satisfactory resolution, the employee may request the assistance of a neutral
third party, such as Human Resources, to mediate the discussion and facilitate
a resolution.

Formal Grievance Procedure

If an employee is unable to resolve their grievance informally or the grievance is of a
serious nature, the formal grievance procedure should be followed:

▪ Written Complaint: The employee should submit a written complaint to their
immediate supervisor or the designated individual responsible for handling
grievances. The complaint should clearly state the nature of the grievance,
individuals involved, and any relevant supporting evidence.

▪ Investigation: The designated individual will conduct a thorough investigation
into the grievance. This may involve gathering information, interviewing
relevant parties, and reviewing any supporting documentation.

▪ Decision and Resolution: Once the investigation is complete, the designated
individual will decide based on the available facts and evidence. If the grievance
is upheld, appropriate actions will be taken to resolve the issue. The decision
will be communicated in writing to the employee.

▪ Appeal Process: If the employee is dissatisfied with the decision, they may have
the right to appeal. The appeal should be submitted in writing to a higher-level
authority within the company, specifying the grounds for the appeal. The appeal
will be reviewed impartially, and a final decision will be communicated in writing
to the employee.

Record Keeping

All records related to grievances, including written complaints, investigation findings,
and resolutions, will be kept confidentially and retained in accordance with applicable
laws and company policies

Communication and Awareness

This Grievance Mechanism Document will be communicated to all employees upon
joining the company and made readily available for reference. Any updates or changes
to the document will be communicated to employees in a timely manner.


All employees are expected to comply with the procedures outlined in this document.
Failure to do so may result in appropriate disciplinary action.
For any questions or clarifications regarding the grievance mechanism, employees
should contact the Human Resources department.
By following this Grievance Mechanism Document, we aim to maintain a positive and
harmonious work environment for all employees at The Agile Company.

Document owner: Natascha Speets
Document created May 2023
Next Revision December 2024
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