Environmental Policy

Commitment to our Environment and Policy

The Agile Company
At The Agile Company we are committed to minimizing our environmental impact and
promoting sustainability. We recognize that the protection of the environment is essential for
the well-being of our planet and future generations. As a small and medium-sized enterprise
(SME) training company, we strive to integrate environmental considerations into all aspects
of our operations. This policy outlines our commitment and sets the framework for our
environmental management approach.


▪ Our primary objectives for environmental management are as follows:
▪ Reduce Waste: We will minimize waste generation and promote recycling and
responsible waste disposal practices throughout our operations.
▪ Conserve Resources: We will strive to conserve energy, water, and other natural
resources by adopting efficient practices and technologies.
▪ Foster Awareness: We will raise awareness among our staff, clients, and stakeholders
about environmental issues and promote sustainable behaviours.
▪ Compliance: We will comply with all relevant environmental laws, regulations, and
standards applicable to our operations.
▪ Continuous Improvement: We are committed to regularly reviewing and improving
our environmental performance by setting measurable targets and tracking our


Responsibilities for implementing and maintaining this Environmental Policy are as follows:
a) Management: The management team will provide leadership and allocate necessary
resources to ensure effective environmental management.
b) Employees: All employees are responsible for adhering to the environmental policies
and procedures set forth by the company. They should actively participate in
environmental initiatives and report any environmental concerns to the appropriate
c) Training and Education: We will provide training and education programs to enhance
environmental awareness and promote sustainable practices among our employees.

Key Initiatives

To achieve our environmental objectives, we will undertake the following key initiatives:
a) Waste Management: We will implement waste reduction measures, including
recycling programs, proper waste segregation, and responsible disposal of hazardous

b) Energy Efficiency: We will assess and monitor our energy consumption, identify areas
for improvement, and implement energy-efficient technologies and practices.

c) Renewable Energy: We will  prioritise the usage of renewable energy over regular energy as much as we can. This means that we select our energy providers based on this requirement and use if possible electric vehicles as a means of transportation.

d) Water Conservation: We will promote water-saving practices within our facilities and
raise awareness among employees about the importance of water conservation.

e) Sustainable Procurement: We will consider environmental factors in our procurement
decisions, giving preference to suppliers and products with strong environmental

f) Green Training: We will integrate environmental awareness and sustainability
principles into our training programs, encouraging participants to adopt eco-friendly
practices in their workplaces.

Monitoring and Review

To ensure the effectiveness of our environmental management efforts, we will establish
regular monitoring and review processes. This will include:
a) Regular audits and assessments of our environmental performance.
b) Setting measurable targets and objectives for continuous improvement.
c) Reviewing and updating this Environmental Policy as needed to reflect changes in
legislation, technology, and best practices.


We will communicate our environmental commitment and progress to our employees,
clients, and other stakeholders through various channels, such as our website, internal
newsletters, and meetings. We will actively seek feedback and suggestions to improve our
environmental performance.

This Environmental Policy represents our commitment to sustainable development and
serves as a guide for all employees to integrate environmental considerations into their daily
activities. By adhering to this policy, we can contribute to a greener future and create a
positive environmental legacy.

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Document created May 2023
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