The Agile Company Statement on Ethics, Integrity, and Transparency

With heart and best intentions, we work to leave the Agile workspace better as we found it

What we believe Ethics, Transparency and integrity should stand for

As a member of the International Coaching Federation, ICF, and the International Consortium for Agile, the Agile Alliance a a partner with, The Agile Company subscribes to the Code of Ethics for each of the respective organizations. All team members acknowledge and agree to abide by and be accountable to the ICF Code of Ethics and the Agile Alliance Code of Ethics. The agreements each sign includes this: Agree to be accountable to the ICF and Agile Alliance Codes of Ethics and act in accordance with the Codes of Ethics at all times per requirements from those organizations and The Agile Company.The Agile Company is co-signer of the Agile Alliance Code of ethics, which is written as a practical document, helping Agile coaches take informed decisions on what is right or wrong in their work as Agile coach. The Agile Company teaches and includes the ICF Code of Ethics in all of its coaching classes, whenever it may be applicable as the Code of Ethics for professional coaches is the most comprehensive document on ethical behavior available.Integrity means for us that we are aware of our choices, weigh them with empathy, clarity while seeing the (or trying to do so) systemic implications of each of the choices presented to us. This will allow us to make an informed decision in terms of ethical behavior, and what would the right thing to do.Transparency means for The Agile Company that we will strive as much as possible to serve our community and clients by providing clear communication, personal contact and personal attention. We strive to open and clear about our policies, processes, actions, and ethics