Proud ICF coach education provider

Why we do the work we do, and why we decided to accredit our courses by the ICF

Professional Agile Coach training program

Why we chose to partner with the International Coaching Federation

We commit to develop and increase the quality of coaching interventions for professional Agile Coaches worldwide!

As organizations worldwide prepare to inspect their ways of working to better adapt to a VUCA world in which changing requirements and markets demand organizations pivot quickly, to stay on top of their game, the awareness of lean and agile work practices and values have created a larger need for quality coaching. The Agile Company was created to provide the growing demand for Agile coaches with deep coaching skills and a large base of knowledge on competencies needed to effectively coach, mentor, teach and facilitate growth in teams. The passion behind this vision we hope to inspire lies with the promise of Agile, that is based on the premise of supporting teams in their growth toward stability and high performance through coaching, not managing.

We dream one day Agile has stopped being a goal for organizations but will be seen as the path that led them to excellence, both for the customer and the people working to provide the value for the customer. Agile and Agile Coaching are interlinked as much as Agile coaching and professional coaching are.

All our trainers are experienced Agile coaches and certified professional coaches. We all adhere to the ICF code of ethics as well as the Agile Alliance code of ethics for which we took part in its creation in 2021.


Our focus is in creating and delivering engaging Coach training programs for Agile practitioners that truly support deep competency development through insightful and experiential learning. We believe coaching is a conversation that can forward every person in their learning curve. It can even forward entire teams, organizations and we even strive to touch society as a whole.

The Agile Company works with the Agile Alliance, ICAGile and the ICF to bring coach competencies to the field of Agile Coaching, product coaching and transition coaching.

Tomorrow’s workspaces need more Forward Focused Conversations, that seek opportunities for growth in every encounter, build trust and connection with honest curiosity and respect, and ask more open questions, allowing for tomorrow’s brighter future to emerge, one conversation at the time.

If through our training programs, we have been able to light the fire for deeper conversations, for more structured coaching work and allowed the people doing the work to listen better, ask better questions and connect through the power of Forward Focused Conversations, we have achieved our goal. We work towards achieving this goal every day.



8 Core Coach Competencies

We chose to work with the ICF as an accrediting body for its professionalism and international acclaim. The work the ICF have done on bringing the 8 Core Competencies for coaches to the surface, the ethical practice work, the support they offer to coaches and the high regard for quality training we mutually hold dear, are what makes our partnership durable and whole. Professionalism, Collaboration, Humanity and Equity are values the ICF stand for in their work, and they resonate deeply with the Agile Company in our work to align the professional world with an Agile mindset.

With the ICF as our accreditor, you are guaranteed the ICF accredited courses The Agile Company offers are built with these exact values in mind!

Forward Focused Conversations for Change

Coaching is a relative new profession, with so many different frameworks and styles that have emerged over the years, which is wonderful, but may feel overwhelming when choosing a training provider for professional coaching skills education. The Agile Company has chosen to develop a professional Coach approach for Agile practitioners that incorporates the wisdom and experience from many different schools of thought such as Integral coaching, GROW, Solutions Focused and Systemic Coaching frameworks, and base the structure of the approach on the  8 ICF Coach competencies for more simplicity, yet providing a more complete toolbox to pick and choose from when working as a coach with (Agile) teams, leadership or organizations.