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We put great emphasizes on customer reviews and try to learn from each and everyone of them. That’s why we have an IC Agile Quality Survey after every Training. 

What do our clients say?

"Natascha has an amazing command of the technology and creates a truly interactive experience!
I am a 20 year IT leader and she was more confident in the technology than I. It is obvious why she is a respected and expert consultant/agile coach. She consistently asked powerful and insightful questions as well as challenged all of us in our answers and participation while still being positive and enthusiastic. I learned so much from Natascha and am looking forward to implementing it in my next role.”
ICAgile Quality Survey
"Thank you for such an amazing experience. I've learned a lot and I look forward to taking future classes with you. Bravo!"
ICAgile Quality Survey
"A truly engaging course, with a great balance of concept teaching and practical practice.
Natascha added so much value to the learning experience with her well thought out approach to delivery and interaction with the class. I feel like this is already having a profound impact on more aspects of my life than just workplace related agile team project coaching. While I have been a leader, coach, mentor and teacher in many practical capacities, I feel like this course has filled in gaps I didn’t know existed.”
ICAgile Quality Survey
"You are great, very professional, kind, and connected to the group. It was a pleasure to learn from you!"
It was a very interactive and intense course, and the flow and content of the course were finetuned to perfection!
ICAgile Quality Survey