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Meet María Alemán Pérez, a transformative Agile Coach who embarked on her Agile journey in 2008. With a rich background as a Java Developer, Technical Team Lead, and Project Manager, María discovered her true calling in Agile over a decade ago.

Her career has been a testament to the power of evolution, learning, and the pursuit of empowering teams and organizations. María is dedicated to unlocking potential through creating safe spaces for collaboration, solving human problems, and finding joy in work.

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María Alemán Pérez
María, experienced agile coach and trainer

Certifications ICAgile

Certification Coach Agile ICP-ACC

Since 2020

ICP-ATF The Agile Company

Since 2021

Since 2023

Since 2023

Expert Agile Coach program

Since 2023

Since 2024

Interview with María

Tell us a little about yourself and your history with agile?

My adventure with agile began in 2008, marking a pivotal shift from my roots as a Java Developer to embracing leadership roles. This journey wasn’t just about changing titles, but a profound transformation in how I view project management and team dynamics.

Each phase, from developing software to leading teams and managing projects, was a stepping stone towards discovering my true calling in Agile. It’s been over a decade of not just practicing Agile methodologies but living the Agile values, and it’s this journey of continuous learning and evolution that has shaped me into the Agilist I am today.

How do your personal values connect with the work as Agile Coach?

 The values that guide me empowerment, continuous learning, and creating safe, open spaces for conversation are the bedrock of my approach to Agile coaching.

Empowerment is about helping individuals, teams, and organizations realize their inherent potential.

Continuous learning is a commitment to never stagnate, always seeking better solutions, and evolving with the ever-changing landscape of technology and team dynamics.

Creating safe spaces is crucial for genuine, productive conversations that drive improvement and innovation.

What types of clients has worked with you over the years?

Over the years, my Agile journey has allowed me to collaborate with a wide spectrum of clients. From startups eager to build their foundational practices to established corporations looking to innovate and stay competitive, my approach has always been to tailor my coaching to the unique culture and challenges of each client.

This diversity has enriched my experience, providing me with a broad perspective on how Agile principles can be adapted across various contexts.

Can you share their personal values that are valuable to them?

My approach to working in a team is deeply collaborative, emphasizing the importance of communication, mutual respect, and shared goals. I believe in empowering team members to take ownership, encouraging a culture where every voice is heard and valued.

This environment not only nurtures individual growth but also drives the team towards collective success.

What agile tools do you use with your clients?

In working with clients, I leverage a variety of Agile tools and methodologies. From Kanban boards for visualizing workflow to Scrum for iterative development, each tool is selected with the aim of enhancing team collaboration, transparency, and efficiency.

Moreover, I incorporate Agile coaching techniques to foster a culture of continuous improvement and innovation.

What coaching philosophies do you adhere to and work with?

My coaching philosophy is centered on the belief that everyone has the potential to contribute meaningfully to their work. By fostering an environment that values servant leadership, continuous improvement, and a focus on delivering results, I help teams and individuals align their efforts with the broader goals of the organization.

It’s about creating a culture where people find purpose and joy in their work, solving real human problems through collaboration.

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María Alemán Pérez
Certified Agile Coach since 2020