9 reasons to choose ICAgile

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ICAgile ? What is it ?

ICAgile (International Consortium for Agile) is a professional certification organization that focuses on Agile methodologies and practices. It was founded with the goal of providing learning-centric certifications for individuals and organizations who wish to improve their understanding and implementation of Agile throughout the organization.

What does ICAgile offers ?

ICAgile provides a wide range of certifications that are rooted in the Agile manifesto and principles, and are recognized by organizations worldwide as a benchmark for Agile expertise. These certifications include tracks for different career paths, such as business agility, product ownership, and Agile coaching, as well as certifications for organizations that wish to implement Agile methodologies at an enterprise level.

ICAgile is an independent organization, that is not affiliated with any specific Agile methodology or framework. It is a consortium of organizations, individuals and experts that came together with the purpose of creating a robust and recognized Agile certification program and The Agile Company make part of it.

In addition to its certifications, it also offers a variety of training courses, resources, and support for individuals and organizations looking to improve their understanding and implementation of Agile methodologies.

9 reasons to choose The Agile Company's ICAgile accredited certifications


ICAgile together with industry leaders , define the learning objectives that should be met to achieve a particular certification. The accredited member organizations, such as The Agile Company build their learning programs to meet the objectives with the tools, frameworks and activities they feel allows for reaching the objective:

Recognition and Credibility: ICAgile’s certifications are recognized by organizations worldwide as a benchmark for Agile expertise, which can help to enhance an individual’s career opportunities or an organization’s reputation.

Learning-centric approach: Their certifications focus on developing the skills needed to apply Agile methodologies in real-world scenarios, rather than just testing knowledge. This approach can help professionals to better understand and implement Agile practices in their work.

Customizable certifications: ICAgile offers a wide range of certifications that can be tailored to fit different career paths and organizational needs, such as business analysis, product ownership, and Agile coaching. This can make it easier for individuals and organizations to find the right certification for their specific needs with The Agile Company you will also recieve an additional assistance.

Based on Agile manifesto and principles: ICAgile ans The Agile Company mindset is based on the Agile manifesto and principles, which are widely adopted and respected in the industry. This can help to ensure that certified professionals have a deep understanding of Agile principles and practices.

Rigorous certification process: We have a rigorous certification process that ensures that certified professionals have the knowledge and skills needed to effectively implement Agile methodologies in their work. This can give professionals and organizations confidence in the quality of ICAgile’s certifications.

Emphasis on Learning: The approach with The Agile Company’s ICAgile accredited certifications is emphasizes learning and growth over just passing a test. It also encourages ongoing learning, by requiring individuals and teams to continuously improve their understanding and application of agile practices.

Network: Being part of the The Agile Company and ICAgile’s opens the door to a wide range of resources, community and network of certified professionals, where one can learn, share and grow.

Focus on Outcomes: Many Agile certifications just focus on delivering training and testing, but The Agile Company focuses on delivering outcomes, meaning that the certification is about results, such as better delivery of projects and products, improved communication and collaboration, and a greater ability to adapt to changing requirements.

Community-driven:  The Agile Company is a community-driven organization that encourages the sharing of knowledge and best practices among its members. ICAgile also holds events, such as Agile meetups, conferences, webinars, etc. where members can learn, share, and network

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ICAgile (International Consortium for Agile) is a professional certification organization that focuses on Agile methodologies and practices.