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Are you passionate about Agile coaching and eager to enhance your professional credentials? The Agile Company has exciting news to share – we’ve upgraded our coaching programs, making it possible for you to achieve your Professional Coaching Credential by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). Let’s dive right into the details without any fluff but with a touch of excitement!

From ACSTH to LEVEL 1 and LEVEL 2!


We’ve taken a significant step forward in our coaching programs, transitioning from ACSTH (Approved Coach Specific Training Hours) to LEVEL 1 and LEVEL 2. This shift opens up new doors for aspiring Agile Coaches.

ICF Credential: Your Path to Success

Our coaching programs now pave the way for you to obtain ICF credentials like ACC (Associate Certified Coach) or PCC (Professional Certified Coach). Why is this important for your career as an Agile Coach? ICF credentials are globally recognized and respected, setting you apart in the competitive coaching landscape.

What Makes Us Unique?

You might be wondering what sets The Agile Company’s Coaching courses apart. Our programs are now an integral part of ICF Level 1 and Level 2 education, a testament to their quality and effectiveness.

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Alexandra Togan
Alexandra Togan

Alexandra is the newest member of The Agile Company, bringing fresh perspectives and a passion for collaboration to help the company thrive in its agile endeavors.

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