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These last months The Agile Company teams and in close partnership with ICAgile, we have been working hard behind the screens to rework the materials for our business agility courses. The Learning objectives to the Enterprise Agility course have shifted the most and this led to renaming the course “Enterprise Agile Coaching”.

The certification you have received or will receive, is still called ICP-ENT, so nothing you need to do or change in your ICAgile profile, your certification is valid for life!

  • A broader systems perspective using the Business Agility Compass developed by The Agile Company team, covering 7 important fields of influence for Business Agility and personal Agility
  • A deep dive into Organisational Assessments, Alliance building across the fields and contracting on several levels,
  • Professional Coaching conversations and consulting work based on case studies, business cases for Agile and a broader dive into the need for scaling, and how to approach the demand for scaling as a trusted advisor, a much deeper take on boundary spanning and how to help the organization build strategies for this systems skill to leverage its power in building a Future proof organization.
  • How to help the enterprise design a structure that leverages its resources while optimizing its capacity for innovation and agility,
  • Coaching the entire organization in focusing on what clears the way for agility to happen, and measure their success based on value delivered
  • A large focus on you as a coach for the organization, the ethics you hold, the tools and stances you will need to use through discussing different business cases and studies, so you may come fully prepared to the conversation with your organization on where to find opportunities for Agility in the entire Enterprise!

« Got my ICAgile ICP-ENT certification today! Many thanks to Diane Gombart for being such an incredible instructor. Learned so much, particularly about leadership, organizational structures (didn’t realize how many different options there are!), and how to assess and move the needle on an organization’s culture. Looking forward to applying what I learned to my future coaching and consulting engagements..»

What else is new in the Enterprise Agile Coaching Certification course?

Almost all the sections come with easy to work with case studies or real life stories; you will recognize some much loved brands, hard fails and successful organizations in here. We do not just share case studies though, you will actively improve the outcome of each study, or make meaningful decisions on what the next step in your coaching engagement would like.

Although in the future the ICP-ENT will only be 14 hours long, where the ICP-CAT will enjoy a 21-hour curriculum; to allow for a smooth transition, we will continue to offer the 21-hour course until after the end of the year. This means you enjoy 7 hours extra on Culture, leadership, Teams & tech, educational projects and communication strategies!

To allow our alumni to receive the same high standard learning experience, we will roll-out in the coming weeks a voucher system that you will receive in your inbox, allowing you to participate in one of the upcoming ICP-ENT classes. This is important to us, we want you all to feel you are getting the most out of your learning journey with us!

We will soon communicate on the ICP-CAT, which has also enjoyed a thorough make-over, and if you are currently in this great class, you will also receive the same voucher for the extra hours we will be adding soon to that course!
Coach on Community, let me know if we can help you out or answer any questions!

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Natascha Speets

Natascha is always on the looking for opportunities to help her clients become the best version of themselves. She does this by integrating her professional coaching skills in everything she does.

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